Introduction to Hungarian-English Literary Translation (one 90-minute class every Wednesday evening from February to May). Write to me at to sign up.

People interested in pursuing the art of literary translation as a hobby or as a potential career are encouraged to apply for this course. Only a love for Hungarian literature and an advanced English proficiency are required for attendance. This course will cover classical and contemporary authors, both household names and newly emerging talent. Translators should expect to work with Sándor Weöres, Lajos Parti Nagy, Dóra Gimesi, Áron Tamási, Éva Hutvágner, Márton Simon, Panni Puskás, and Kinga Tóth. A few of these authors are scheduled to make an appearance for the class to answer translation questions. Through our reading and translation practice, we will explore questions of genre, form, meaning, faithfulness to the original text, artistic liberties, localization, and more. Students should be prepared to translate a passage of prose, poetry, or drama every week and provide helpful feedback to their classmates. Finally, toward the end of the course, I will provide students with the tools and knowledge necessary to publish their translations in English-language literary journals.

One-on-one private consultations on translations available by request. Please email me at about the work in question and what kind of help you are looking for.

Some examples of the kind of help I offer:

  • You are a translator from any language into English and would like a second pair of eyes on your final draft.
  • You are a Hungarian to English translator and have questions about your source text or are uncertain how to translate common Hungarian sayings, what to do with long Hungarian sentences, etc.
  • You have translated a collection of selected works and want help ordering the pieces.
  • You want guidance on where and how to publish your translations.